We're all here on a mission to transform shopper media


Matt Claisse

Media Partnership Manager

I aim to take our shopper campaigns and translate them to traditional out of home media. This encompasses everything from small and large format billboards, tube and bus advertising....

Charlotte Palmer

Senior Media Partnership Executive

I look after the relationship with Tesco's media agency. I'm the go-to for all things Tesco; working with the client team to plan media for their clients' campaigns, managing the booking…

Nicola Hatfield

Senior Client Executive

As a client executive, I sit within the client team and help manage a number of different brands such as Kellogg's, BEAR and LRS. My role involves putting together response plans...

Georgina May

Client Manager

I work in the client team at Capture and own relationships with an exciting array of FMCG brands, both big and small!

David Moore

Senior Client Manager

I am one of three group leaders at the agency. I manage a fantastic team of 2 who lead the client relationships to plan, execute and evaluate the best shopper campaigns for a range of FMCG brands…

Emma Dean

Group Client Director

I joined Capture as a client associate in 2009 and I now oversee the two teams that make up our business; our Client team and the Media Partnerships team. Co-ordinating the service we provide…

Alistair Dunn

Digital Executive

I sit within the Media Partnership team, focusing on our Digital Proposition. Focusing on everything from Mobile Offer Apps to Programmatic Channels. I assist the team in planning and executing every digital campaign.

Robbie Nolan

Client Executive

As a Client Executive, I work within the client team with a wide range of FMCG clients (from Ice Cream to Baby Food) to plan, book, manage and evaluate...

Charlotte Davis

Client Director

I lead the client team at Capture. The client teams role is to work as an extension of the shopper teams within the FMCG brands we work with...

Kelly Chandaria

Senior Planning Manager

Leveraging shopper insights and performance data to create effective campaign communication and media strategies, as well as conjuring up the next big campaign big idea that will deliver exciting opportunities and results for brands.

Emma Jelly

Media Partnership Manager

I sit within the Media Partnership team, looking after relationships with our media owners. I manage all things Asda so work with the client team to plan, book, and manage through…

David Bromfield

Finance Director

I oversee the day to day workings of the finance team making sure everything is going smoothly and that we are a well oiled financial machine...

Gemma Smith

Senior Client Manager

As a Senior Client Manager at Capture, it is my role and passion to develop and grow new relationships with brands. Through arranging new business meetings…

James Cowley

Senior Media Partnership Manager

I lead the Media Partnership team. As a team we look after relationships with media owners and aim to build sustainable and mutually beneficial…

Hashim Malik

Senior Finance Executive

I am responsible for processing all our invoices into the purchase ledger and employee expenses...

Matt Lee

Director and Co-Founder

As co-founder of Capture, it’s inspiring to see everyone’s commitment to our vision to transform the category, empowering brands to justify their choices and grow their investment in retailers and channels.

Izzy Coombes

Senior Media Partnership Executive

I'm part of the Media Partnership team and look after our relationship with Threefold and Co-op, as well as our print agencies. I'm the main point of…

Stef Guarnieri

Client Manager

On the client team I manage through live campaigns for a range of clients across different categories, and also meet with brands to introduce them to Capture. This brings a great diversity to the role...

Fenella Hogg

Conceptual Director

I ensure creativity it is kept high and full of passion.

Jane Barnett

Senior Studio Manager

I manage the day to day running of the studio, making sure it runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible along with producing all of the artwork requirements for Capture.

Noman Iqbal

Senior Finance Executive

I'm responsible for all things finance for our FMCG business. From weekly dashboard reporting to monthly financial statements.

Callie Braithwaite

Junior Developer

As a Junior Developer I code, code, code! I work on making PlanVault a great experience for users.

Rohma Ahmed

Communications Manager

In a nutshell am responsible for making Capture famous! Optimising all marketing channels to get our brand out there, from social media, PR, CMS and the website.

Isabel Trew

Client Manager

As a client manager, I look after a range of FMCG clients, with brands ranging from cereal to sausages, working with them to deliver best in class shopper media campaigns. My role involves advising clients...

Lara Hamilton

Planning Manager

As a planner, my role is to leverage insights about how people shop in order to create effective communication and media strategies. I'm also a 'cheerleader' - working with our client and creative teams...

Holly Conway

Office Manager

I ensure that the office is run smoothly and kept in tip top shape! Whilst also striving to create a great working environment.

Laura Martin

Client Manager

I'm a proud member of the client team, working hard to ensure the brands I work with receive the best possible service on their shopper campaigns.

Jenny Bouffler

Client Executive

I sit in the client team managing various various FMCG clients from yogurts to pharam to help plan, buy, manage and evaluate media.

Lea Farkas

Client Executive

As a part of the Client Team I'm managing several FMCG accounts, from meat-free sausages to peanut butter. I help planning and managing their shopper media campaigns, and I work together with the creative team to deliver best in class artwork for the different media touch-points.

Jon Cornish

Senior Client Executive

I’m part of the client team here at Capture, managing shopper campaigns for several FMCGs spanning plant-based, cheese, and chocolate, from planning all the way through to evaluation.

Stephanie Elgegren

Media Partnership Associate

My prime responsibility is looking after the relationship with Tesco's media agency. I work alongside the Client Team from the conception of an idea throughout the full-fledged final campaign, managing the booking process, and ensuring end result compliance.

Daniel Long

Client Associate

I work within Capture's Client Team and help support across a range of accounts, working to manage FMCG brand's campaigns from start to finish.

Rebecca Taylor

Client Associate

I am part of the Client Team and work with an exciting variety of FMCG clients - from yoghurt to chocolate! I support clients to ensure that they get the most from shopper; working to plan, book, manage and evaluate campaigns.

Jess Merulla

Media Partnership Executive

I am responsible of working with AMP, Asda's media agency. I manage all processes through from media labs, booking, implementation and compliance. I also manage photography requirements across the board.

Liyat Eyasu

Client Associate

My role involves building strong relationships and meeting with various FMCG brands of different sizes. I play a part in supporting the planning of initial campaigns to make sure that our clients are getting the most out of our expert shopper media knowledge.

Robbie Mansell

Client Associate

I joined Capture's client team in August 2019 and as a client associate work across a variety of big and small FMCG brands. I help to plan, book, manage and evaluate for brand's campaigns.

Eric Idemark

Senior Insight Executive

Joined SMG in Autumn 2018. Started our handling external evaluations but have worked extensively to improve our in-house capabilities for evaluations.

Jodie Verrall

Senior HR Advisor

As a member of the people team, I support all three agencies, working to attract new talent to the business, developing our teams career experience and ensuring we provide a truly remarkable employee experience.

Catarina Araujo

Creative Designer

I am part of the creative team. Coming up with ideas and how to make them look good is what I do.

Katie Streeter-Hurle

Group Business Director

I joined the business in the early days having previously worked with Capture as a client at P&G. I am now responsible for heading up our planning & creative departments, working hard to ensure we build the most effective campaign responses and best utilise shopper budgets.

Bianca Hall

Insight Director

I joined Capture almost 3 years ago. Since then our insight team has grown. Our aim is to analyse shopper campaign performance and provide our clients with actionable insight. I also work closely with the Dev team as a product owner.

Tara Hekmat

Client Manager

I work within the client team across a diverse range of brands from coffee to ketchup, helping them to plan, buy and evaluate their shopper campaigns. At Capture, there is a strong focus on how we can continuously optimise our clients' campaigns to make each activation bigger and better than the previous!

Thanos Kounenis

Head of Engineering

I joined SMG in 2017 and since then I have been leading the development team. Our aim is to design, implement and deliver software solutions for our clients that will help them join us in our main mission; transform Shopper Media!

Alene Buckle

Senior Client Manager

I am one of three group leaders at the agency. I manage a fantastic team of 4 who lead the client relationships to plan, execute and evaluate the best shopper campaigns for a range of FMCG brands.

Kate Phillipson

Senior Client Manager

I am one of three group leaders at the agency. I manage an enthusiastic and driven team who lead the client relationships to plan, execute and evaluate the best shopper campaigns for a range of FMCG brands such as Danone, McCain and Innocent.

Sali Davies

Senior creative & digital innovation manager

Having been at SMG for over 5 years, I currently work within our group function focusing on digital innovation. Our aim is to create forward-thinking tools that unlock opportunity and enable our teams to deliver the best end to end service to our clients.

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